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the grid

The i-Kabin

is a solar powered portable battery (i-Pack) recharging kiosk designed to bring affordable power to underserved communities in Africa.
01 / Renewable

A clean, safe and healthy alternative to obtaining electrical power with zero emissions. The i-Kabin and i-packs are noise and air pollution free adding quality to our standard of living and environment.

02 / Portable

Weighing only 1.5kg, the i-packs are efficient, mobile and user friendly. Our energy resource can be used in households and SME's

03 / Affordable

The acquisition and running cost of the i-Packs are low when compared to power from the grid and other traditional alternatives, such as petrol generators and inverters.


Who we are

Our story

We are a budding start-up who see the need to fill the gap in the Nigerian power industry.

Our approach is to have an impact from the ground up. Our first funders are USADF and All On. We are currently in the process of deploying the pilot phase of the project as we look forward to impacting millions of lives in Africa.

Our vision

We strive daily to provide affordable, clean and portable energy to the millions of under-served communities in Sub-Saharan Africa starting with Nigeria.

Focusing on Households and SME's, our watchwords are economic growth, women's empowerment, scalability, affordability, portability, trackable and consistent billing and clean energy for a better Africa.

Our technology

Our unique technology, the i-Kabin recharging kiosk and the i-Pack portable battery, has been developed by AESP Green Energy Canada. The technology offers a central controlled closed system of a unique renewable energy resource.

The i-Kabin recharging kiosk can be bought with up to 500 i-Packs that provide up to 50 hours of power, enough to light up two living spaces and power a few devices for up to week before it is recharged.


Development goals

The i-Kabin impacts at least eight of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development goals (SDGs) especially the three below:  

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Tel: +234 (0) 906 011 0011

i-Kabin Offgrid Nigeria Limited

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